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Shower plays a vital role in setting the aesthetic standard for your bathroom. Although, you can show your artistic talents by customizing bathroom sinks, picking novel tiles, and so on. But, what sets your bathroom apart is to have a knock-out shower area. Shower doors are the rage these days. In the past, it was taken as a commodity to keep the whole bathroom from flooding when you shower. Now, it gives plenty of wiggle room so you can pick new design elements, especially shower doors to enhance the look and feel of your bathroom. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the most common glass shower door trends that are worth it in 2021.


They will surely give a luxurious look to your bathroom than it already is. Before you move on to the section dealing with shower trends, note that the ultimate success of your bathroom renovation endeavor lies in getting the best technician on board. For reference, you can find plenty of Glass shower door installation company to get you started. Now, to the shower door trends!


Following are 8 shower door design style trends 2021  that will without a doubt upgrade the visual appearance of the bathroom space  & increase the beauty of your bathroom

Frosted Shower Door:

glass door

This is a timeless choice by both conservative and chic owners. It gives a contemporary, yet evergreen, look to your bathroom by keeping shower elements translucent from the rest of the bathroom. These shower doors are easy to clean and maintain and offer a pleasant environment inside the bathroom throughout the year.

Fractional Enclosures:

Fractional Enclosures

If you are not up for total enclosures with a solid door in the way, fractional enclosures will give you a defined shower space without taking away the look and vitality of the bathroom space. The best part about these is that they do not allow water to escape into the rest of the bathroom so you can enjoy your showers in style without worrying about the cleanliness of your bathroom.

Frameless Glass Shower Door:

Typically, shower glass doors had frames around them, enveloping the glass panel. This contraption was also responsible for moving the door. Main and very important point is how to install frameless shower door , as which method we should follow that can be helpful for bathroom design.

They are still modern and design-neutral. It is because of the absence of any set material in their frame and structure, they can go with any kind of tile, bathroom design, and look. This prevents shadow formation and allows ample light to shine through your bathroom.

Semi Shower Doors:

Semi Shower Doors

For those who are already on the fence about frameless and framed glass shower doors, there is no need to decide either just yet.

A semi-frameless or semi-framed shower doors are the hybrid offspring of both extremes. There is a metal body around the whole structure but it is not around the whole door. It is hard to define a semi-frameless shower in strict terms of framing material. Yet, it suffices to say it has sporadic framing material that can give you a roof for adding design elements.

French Shower Door:

French glass doors are equally desirable around the house as they are in the shower. The classic design and mesh finish gives it a distinct and unmissable look. They are durable and more importantly, make a comeback in bathroom design catalogs. So, you do not have to worry much about the long-term sustainability of your project if you are going for french shower doors.

Corner Shower Door:

Corner Shower Door

The corner shower takes up more place than the usual shower enclosure. But this is not stopping people from opting for this in 2021. The best shower doors in the corner shower setting are sliding shower doors or multiple folding door pieces to keep water from trickling out in the bathroom.

Blending Metal Shower Door:

Blending Metal Shower Doors

If you are not sold on frameless glass shower doors, then the next best thing is to have a metal on the framing end or at the pivot. For many, it will be a trip down memory lane in the ’80s, but it is worth it when you choose accents and a polished finish.

Mixed Metal Shower Door:

This design philosophy allows you to have snippets of different metals on the strategic parts of the structure. This adds to its strength and gives you a chance to customize the look and feel of your shower in particular and your bathroom in general.


Shower Door Trends

Are Glass Shower Door Out Of Style?

Glass shower doors do not completely fade away from the current fashion. They take a dip, every now and then, and come back stronger than ever. These days, glass is the go-to material for the body of shower doors.

What Type Of Shower Door Is Best?

There are no hard and fast criteria to determine the virtues of different kinds of shower doors. It does not matter which type you choose, quality materials and master craftsmanship make or breaks your shower door.

Which Is Better Framed Or Frameless Shower Door?

This is, again, a matter of opinion. Experts lean more toward frameless shower doors because of their timeless and minimalist look that goes with all kinds of bathroom and shower settings.