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The frameless glass deck railing system gives by far the most elegant look to your patio in the house. Forget steel ramps or blades for your fence. If you want your glass railing to go beyond eras and trends, go for frameless glass panels.

Frameless glass deck railing system

Frameless glass deck railing systems are made of glass panels with no top and bottom railings to provide an unobstructed view. It transformed hundreds of indoor living spaces into safe, chic, and architecturally designed spaces.

Unlike other types of terrace railings, frameless glass railings are constructed using only posts that hold the glass in place. To achieve a frameless look, all glazing panels are made from premium thick tempered safety glass and are available in a variety of widths, that complement your requirements.

However, stairs contribute a lot to the overall look of the house as they are a bit narrow. Choosing the right railing has a significant impact on the scale and overall aesthetic of the home.

Frameless glass railings are a popular choice for balconies, terraces, and floors due to their continuous design. Glass railings facilitate the flow of light, look spacious, and add significant visual appeal to the entire interior. It shows clean architectural lines and adds to the luxury value of the house. If your backyard has a great view that you want to make the most of, frameless glass railings are probably the best glass railing system. Let’s look at the details of the glass Deck railing system.


Frameless glass deck railings come in many forms. Most often, there are six types of deck and frameless glass railings that are best suited for individual needs.

Deck Railing Types -Edwin Discount Doors and Windows

In-line Railing

In-Line Fence The simplest and most popular frameless glass railing system for closed wall decks.

L-shape Railing

L-shaped railings are suitable for inclined bridges.

US Shaped Railing

It is usually ordered by the customer for the installed rear door bridge.

Enclosed Railing

A frameless glass railing system that can surround the entire deck, but is most likely used as a pool fencing system. Such an arrangement requires a portal.

Staircase Railing

An option that you can combine with your handrail order if you want full glazing for the entire deck including the stairs.

Irregular Railing

The irregular-shaped fence is the best option for an irregular-shaped terrace is to order parallel frameless glass railings and join them at the corners with suitable angled glass connectors.

If you want the best glass services in New York, Edwin’s agent is here, he will carefully review your order and contact you with details or changes if necessary.

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How to measure frameless glass deck railing

Having the right size scares people sometimes. You don’t want to mess up the order of the glasses. That’s why fence maker Edwin Discount has the best decorative wall mirrors, is designed to allow you to insert your deck opening.

What about the panel length?

The algorithm calculates the optimal panel length and the distance between panels. In other words, measure the opening in your deck and dimensions, and we’ll cut the glass accordingly.

What about the thickness of the glass?

For thickness, tempered glass 12mm with 1/8 rounded corners are required for safety and compliance with American building codes.

What about the height of the panel?

For the height of the frameless glass deck railing system, the dimensions are fixed according to the situation. North American building codes require a minimum glazing height of 36 inches for residential decks, but it’s not that simple.

To save the details, we have prepared a table of glass height in inches for your fence according to each situation.

There are some benefits of frameless glass railing deck system: 


Ideal Barrier

A frameless glass deck railing balcony makes an ideal barrier for children. They enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views.

Design Variety

Different types and designs of glass can be used on glass railings. You can buy frosted, textured, tinted, or sculpted stair glass and add an aesthetic to your home.


The handrail system is made of glass strong enough to withstand any impact. Practically unbreakable and undamaged. Also, unlike iron or wood, it does not corrode or break. In this way, the glass stair railing provides the best service line and durability.

Low Maintenance

Glass railings are low maintenance. Clean as new in just a few wipes with wet wipes.