Key Facts: Where Are Fire Doors Required?​ How Are Fire Doors Made? ​How Do Fire Doors Work? Fire Door Performance? Can Fire Doors Be Painted? Can Fire Doors Be Left Open? In today’s 21st century, fire safety is a legal requirement and plays an essential role in

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How to Upgrade The Fire Resistance Of Doors?

Fire safety is more important than you can imagine. There’s a very good reason why there’s a strong emphasis on fire safety by the authorities. If you look back into the past, then you can find a number of sad events that resulted in the loss of

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How To Install Fire Rated Door?

Fire-rated doors protect you and your family from home fires and potential injuries. These fire doors provide ample time to safely escape a home fire. Some of these doors can provide fire protection for up to 35 minutes. Today more and more people are opting for these

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