How to Upgrade The Fire Resistance Of Doors?

Fire safety is more important than you can imagine. There’s a very good reason why there’s a strong emphasis on fire safety by the authorities. If you look back into the past, then you can find a number of sad events that resulted in the loss of

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How To Install Fire Rated Door?

Fire-rated doors protect you and your family from home fires and potential injuries. These fire doors provide ample time to safely escape a home fire. Some of these doors can provide fire protection for up to 35 minutes. Today more and more people are opting for these

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Commercial Fire Door Requirements: What You Need to Know

Commercial Fire Door Requirements 1n 2019, US Fire Administration responded to 1,291,500 fires and 3704 people lost their lives in fire incidents. Other than adopting all other means to prevent fires and minimize the losses caused by them, commercial fire-rated doors are pretty important. These doors are

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