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The fire rated doors have made their place among other safety devices quite rapidly. The reason for that is the public awareness and significant changes in the laws for public protection. It is an amazing invention because it is not only resists the fire but can be seen from a mile away. It has the capacity to even let a crowd pass through it in a matter of minutes. That’s why you’d notice their presence in every commercial place these days. The residential use of fire rated doors isn’t common but still, the best fire rated doors installer in Brooklyn NY can be hired even for that. The following are the top reasons to have a fire rated doors. 

When risk of fire is extremely high

A fire rated door is highly recommended for a place that has an elevated risk of fire, or the expected damage is too much. Most of the time public places fall into that category because they host a lot of people at the same time. The risk evaluation is carried out by considering a lot of factors and once the risk rate is determined it becomes clear what type of actions would be required to minimize the risk. 

The best fire rated door company is usually hired for immediate installation of the doors that would reduce the risk and bring the risk factor in the tolerance zone. Since a single door can’t allow everyone to pass through during an emergency, that’s why a series of fire doors is installed at various points of a building. This a perfect way of controlling a lot of people at the same time whether it is school or offices or a supermall.

To protect people from smoke

Fire is a dangerous thing and it can cause a lot of damage in a very short time, and the best fire rated doors are a great help to reduce that risk. However, that’s not the only danger that humans are exposed to when a fire breaks out. The studies suggest that a lot of people suffer due to fire but a lot more suffer due to smoke. There are different kinds of smoke and they affect the people trapped inside quite badly. There are two main categories the white smoke and black smoke.

The fire eats up the oxygen and the presence of smoke further reduces the quality of air and breathing becomes extremely difficult. The professional fire rated doors company can help you to minimize the risk of exposure because the fire doors are designed to cut off the route of the smoke. It can’t travel freely because the fire doors entrap it inside. 


Isolating different building areas:

When the fire starts it doesn’t give much time to think and coming up with a strategy to avoid exposure is something unheard of. That’s why the safety system of a building is designed by focusing on every possibility of fire. The fire doors play an important role to keep people safe because in case of fire they can be used as a shield to isolate different parts of the building. For example, if the fire breaks out it a part of the building, then it can be contained easily if that part of the building is isolated and there’s no better thing than a fire door to do it. 


The fire door is designed to resist the fire but for a limited time and during that time the external help arrives to extinguish the fire. The top quality of fire rated doors can stand up against the fire for about an hour and it is more than enough time to take care of the fire. 

Symbolizing the significance of the fire safety

Before you can start using a fire door it is important to educate people about the significance of the fire door. For example, you design a perfect building by installing a suitable safety system to reduce the risk of fire, but if people are not aware of that system or don’t know how it works the risk factor remains the same. That’s why it very important that people are made aware in a way that their subconsciousness always stays on their toes. The fire doors are a perfect solution for that because a glance at the fire door is enough to tell where to run in case of fire. 


Fire can be very dangerous and every building must be designed by keeping safety features in mind. The installation of safety devices must be included in the long-term safety planning of the building plan. However, it is your responsibility to take advantage of these devices by participating in safety drills conducted by the building management. It is extremely important that you mark and remember the closest fire door for a quick escape during emergencies.