Are you also looking for security gate installation services in Manhattan NY? Then there is a lot of work you need to put in on your own before you hire the expert to install your safety glass. Most importantly, you need to select from the various types of security glass available in the market. This decision is not easy.  To ensure the complete safety of your premises and property, you must choose a high-quality, durable, and long-lasting glass for the front. This especially important for commercial areas where high-end stores are located.  Still, confused about which glass to opt for in your store? Here are some of the top types of safety glass that you can choose from, one that will act as a security gate on your premises or property. 

The Tempered Glass: Most Common Type

Tempered Safety Glass

Tempered glass is five times stronger than normal glass. The process of tempering makes the glass hard making it difficult to break even upon high impact.  Wondering how tempered glass is made? It is made after passing the glass through rapidly changing temperatures fluctuating between hot and cold. This treatment allows the glass to become strong and gain brittle qualities. Besides, tempered glass is safe to use because even if it breaks it forms small round pieces rather than sharp edges eliminating any accident or health risk. 

The Laminated Safety Glass: Mostly Used in Windshields

Laminated Safety Glass:

The laminated safety glass is used on car windshields. It is made using tempered glass, however, it has enhanced benefits and advantages over other forms of glass. How laminated glass is created? Two sheets of tempered glass are taken and are connected together with plastic. But the laminated glass has different characteristics than simple tempered glass. In case the laminated glass breaks, rather than the glass shards spreading around, the broken pieces stick to the plastic sheet eliminating any risk of injury due to broken glass.

The Impact Resistant Safety Glass : It Can Withstand Bad Weather

Impact-Resistant Safety Glass

The impact-resistant glass is ideal for residential buildings in cities that frequently experience storms like severe hurricanes and tornadoes. These impact-resistant glass windows keep all the dirt and debris at bay from the building. They can withstand high-pressure winds and any item that may come flying at it Now, you must be wondering how impact-resistant glass is made? It is also made using laminated glass that we just discussed above but the glass is held together tightly in a special frame. 

The Bullet Resistant Safety Glass: It does not bend and absorbs shock on impact

Bullet Resistant Safety Glass

On a normal glass when a bullet is fired, it shatters into pieces because the glass is not equipped to handle the shock or absorb energy. It does not have the ability to bend either. This is why the fired bullet will pierce through the glass even when it shatters causing harm to whoever is behind it. 

So, normal glass is completely useless when it comes to absorbing shocks from fired bullets. This is why there is another type of safety glass known as bullet-resistant glass that is made using multiple layers of hard, resistant, durable, strong, and polycarbonate glass material. 

This helps the energy from spreading inside as the glass is equipped to absorb the shock and bends, as a result, stopping the bullet from piercing through it. The bullet-resistant glass stops the bullet from entering the vehicle or the building resulting in next to no damage. Yes, the glass itself would need replacing but from a security perspective, it does the job.