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The frameless shower door installation costs a lot. Hence, you must do it carefully in a way that the installation stays intact for years. 

Every glass shower door is different. So is its installation. Installation of the sliding shower door is different from the pull-out shower door. But, the basic instructions by the manufacturer remain more or less the same with slight differences. 

The ideal approach is to follow the instruction manual of the manufacturer. However, here is a quick and easy bathroom shower door installation guide to give you a rough idea of how the process is supposed to occur.

Pre-Installation Steps: What to do before the installation?

The first thing you should do is grab all the necessary equipment, tools, and supplies before you start working. You do not need any additional help, however, keeping someone to assist you is a great idea. 

Then unwrap and unpack the glass shower door and its accessories. See that you have all the hardware ready and set to go. Then you need to figure out the top and the bottom door tracks for the shower door and make sure you separate them.

Get the Wall Jambs and the Tracks Ready

  1. Accurately measure the distance of the bottom track installation from the wall. You can get a fair idea by following the manufacturer’s guide. Ideally, the bottom track’s length should be 1/4” less than the distance that is present in between the walls so that you have space for other hardware. You need to mark this distance on the track and then adjust the track’s length using a hacksaw. 
  2. Then grab a metal file to detach the rough edges after using the hacksaw. 
  3. Now keep the bottom track straight in its designated position exactly in the middle of the ledge. Grab a masking tape to secure its place for the time being. Now, using a pencil trace the mark on the edges so that you know how to align it later on.
  4. Then it is time to prep the wall jambs.  Take a leveling tool to make sure the installation is smooth and free of any untidy marks. Now trace the screw holes on the wall using the same pencil. Do the same with the second door jamb. 

How to install the bottom track?

Once the bottom track is ready, you can easily install frameless shower door in three simple steps:

  1. Take off the wall jambs that you temporarily attached with the tape and drill holes on the wall where you made pencil marks. Make sure you make an accurate drill size according to what the manufacturer has stated in the manual. Put in the wall anchor that came with the shower door kit inside the drilled holes.
  2. Simply place the door jambs in their position and tighten them with their respective anchors. Use a screwdriver for this step. 
  3. Line up the bottom track with the tracking you made. Make sure you secure all the additional hardware in place. 

Cut out and install the top hardware

Now calculate the distance from the top of the shower door and the walls. Do some calculations by subtracting the distance from this length for the hardware. Use a pencil to mark this measurement and then trim it with a hacksaw. 

Then simply place and install the top tracks on the jambs in the correct position facing outwards. Tighten it using the additional hardware.

In the end, simply secure the sliding glass shower door in place

Now, you need to simply install the sliding hardware of the shower door. If your door has a coating, remember to protrude the uncoated side on the outside. When you have secured the hardware, slide and hang the doors in the top track area. 

You can now test the installation by sliding the door back and forth. Make sure it slides smoothly. The installation may need a few adjustments such as tightening the brackets etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove shower doors from the track?

A women remove shower door from the track

You can remove the frameless shower doors from the track in five easy steps:

  1. Detach the shower doors by going inside the shower and hold the door using both hands to lift it and then safely remove it from the tracks. 
  2. The door track is attached with the two outer walls, carefully lifts it up in a straight position. 
  3. Using a screwdriver, untighten the mounted screws attached to the door track walls.
  4. Now detach the tracks from the walls. Take a knife and scrape off any access material on the walls after detachment. 
  5. In the end, simply clean the area and the walls and scrape off access using a putty knife.

How to adjust a glass shower door?

  1. Find out exactly how you must adust the glass shower door.  Figure out any loose hardware or screws etc. 
  2. Open and close or slide the door back and forth to find out what the problem exactly is. 
  3. Observe the condition of the rollers. Are they flattened? If yes, then you need to install new rollers. 
  4. Then replace or adjust the position of the rollers as necessary.
  5. Now slide the door again back and forth to see if it is functioning smoothly.
  6. Spray a good quality lubricant on the hardware.  

How to hang a sliding door on tracks?

A Women hang a sliding door on tracks
  1. Accurately measure the size of the opening. 
  2. Trace the position and install the tracks. 
  3. Fix the roller brackets.
  4. Hang the doors. 
  5. Do the necessary adjustments. 
  6. Install the door handles.