how to install fire rated door

Fire-rated doors protect you and your family from home fires and potential injuries. These fire doors provide ample time to safely escape a home fire. Some of these doors can provide fire protection for up to 35 minutes. Today more and more people are opting for these fire doors. But many do not know how to install these doors. You have two options; either you can hire the best fire-rated door services to install the door for you or you can install these doors yourself. If you are looking for ways to save money, read this guide to installing fire doors yourself.

Start With The Door Frame:

fire rated door frame

The door frame must be firmly attached before installing a fire door. Fire doors offer more incomplete protection if the frames are weak and not flame resistant. The door slab should be installed in a fire-resistant frame to match the door installed. Make it certain that there is no space between the wall and the door frame. The frame must have a minimum fire-resistance rating equivalent to that of the door. If you see any breaches, or holes, close them. If you have more than six spaces to close on both sides of the door, you will need to install a new frame before continuing. Frames should be plumb, square, and level.

Cut Out The Door:

Contingent on the size of the door openings in your home, the fire door will need to be cut. Taking the accurate measurements will help make certain you do not cut the door too small. If you are installing a special threshold, take this into account when measuring. Clearances between the edge of the steel door and the frame should be a minimum of 1/14 inch and a maximum of 3/15 inch at the header and jambs. Other clearances for fire doors must be at least 1/16 of an inch and no more than 1/8 of an inch. Trimming is not permitted in the field, unless NFPA standards allow it.

Hinge Installation For Residential fire rated doors

Installing the residential fire rated doors in Yonkers NY hinges requires matching accessories, such as support screws. At the same time, it should be checked whether the accessories are compatible and the number of screws is complete. Moreover, you need to define the installation position and the number of hinges to match the installation of the door. 

Check the verticality of the interior and exterior facades, the verticality of the left and right facades, and the horizontal height of the fire door frame with a level ruler before installation. If the door frame has a small deviance in any direction, this should be taken into account when installing the door hinges. The number of door hinges is determined by the weight, size and material of the door. Rational configuration can support the weight of the fire door, avoiding twist and damage due to long term use. The fire hinges must be installed correctly to avoid uneven force. 

Grooving And Slotting :

After checking the connection position of the fire door hinge, you need to make a groove on the side where the hinge is installed. The depth of the groove should be the same as the thickness of the blade. The leaf is laid flat in the groove and the leaf surface is checked at the level of the door cover surface. Remember, the width of the groove is about two millimeters less than the width of the one-piece hinge to prevent it from rubbing against the door frame.

Installation Of Gas Kits And Door Seals:

With the purchase of the fire door, you will receive all the hardware necessary to properly install the door. Find the door seals and install them according to the manufacturer’s instruction manual. Make sure not to replace any of the hardware that came with the door. The included hardware is certified for use with residential fire rated doors. If for any reason you need new hardware, you should communicate with manufacturer for a replacement because it should be according to standards as well.

Position The Door And Tighten Each Hinge

Before fully installing the door, you must make sure that the frame is wide enough to accept the full length of the screws. Then you need to fasten the hinges to the door frame. For ease of use, use existing door openings. If you are not using these holes with your fire door, you must fill them properly. The screws of the fire-resistant hinges must be tight. 

During the process of tightening the hinge, it is necessary to fix the hinge with support screws. The screws and bolts should be vertical to the door cover and the edge of the door. If the screws are angled, the hinge will tighten when the door is closed.