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Apart from seeming common traits, there are a lot of differences in commercial and residential spaces. Both have codes to follow of their own and they are poles apart when it comes to fixtures and appliances. One such thing is doors. With the invention of pre-hung doors, it is relatively easier for people to install a new door in their houses without needing professional help. But, when it comes to commercial work, it is often better to have technicians on your side instead of going in yourself.

For the thrill-seekers or DIY junkies, we are going to share how you can install glass in a commercial glass door so you can save some bucks while having the pride of doing it yourself.

It becomes simple and straightforward when you get accustomed to the hardware so it is best to go through that before starting the installing process. If you ever become overwhelmed with the scale of the project, you can always go with the Commercial door installation contractors in Yonkers NY. They have qualified technicians who are equipped with the latest gadgetry to do the heavy lifting for you.

Here is the step-by-step guide:
Start With Stops Of Interior Side Glass

Start with stops of interior side glass:

It can be cumbersome to work around with an aluminum frame when it is attached with a base and swinging around. So, first, take it off the panel and lay it on a flat surface. Then, install the interior side glass first. Usually, there are four interior side glass stops, with two for door stiles and a pair for rails. To identify the stops, look for shiny gaskets across the length of the glass stop. The stops engage with the glass panel and slip into the place when you place it at the right spot.

Setting blocks for glass panel

Now, it is time to flip the door and make the glazing gaskets visible. Make sure the door is fully prepped for glass panel installation. The crucial step of that preparation is to have rubber or plastic stops to be installed in the rails to hold the glass. These stops will act as a buffer to provide cushioning to the glass. If you fail to put blocks, it can break the glass since it will come in direct contact with the metal frame. As a general rule of thumb, there are four setting blocks in a door frame to hold the glass panel in its place. 

Install a glass in its place:

Before installing the glass in its place, it is best to ensure that it is perfectly at the center of the frame. After lining it against the frame, it is time to give the proverbial push so that it will slide in the rails and get firm with the setting blocks. The glass should have equal space on each side and it is pushed against the interior glazing gasket.

Tweaking the jack:

This is an important step where you adjust the height of the glass door frame in the panel. Have a moderate grip of the stops on the glass or otherwise it will shatter.

Installation of exterior glass stops

Essentially, this is the same process we have gone through in the interior glass stops installation and fitting of the glass sheet in the frame. You need to align the glass length against the equally-distanced stops and stuck it inside the glazing gaskets. Then, push it slowly until the glass is in its place and you are done. This process is the same for both interior commercial doors as well as exterior commercial doors.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install a Commercial Door?

There is so much variation in the commercial glass doors that are available in the market, depending on the material and their purpose. If we are to draw a lower limit and a higher limit, it is around $650 for the basic and cheapest options, and climb up to $1500 for the premium and more desirable doors.

How thick is a commercial door?

Generally, commercial doors come in a standard thickness which is 1-3/4″.

What type of glass used in door?

Tempered glass is a commonly used glass type in commercial and residential doors. Still, there are many variations to it that serve different purposes based on the location and environment.

Here are some other glass types;

  • Toughened Glass

  • Laminated Glass

  • Frosted Glass


After going through this detailed guide, you will be able to install glass in the glass door panel with relative ease and convenience. You can use it as a checklist if you have prior experience in that sort of work. Otherwise, it is best to go verbatim with this post to properly set the glass in the frame.