Installation Tips Of Security Doors For An Accurate Fitting

If you’re searching for more safety for your doors than you can have from deadbolts and any other locks. The steel security door might be the best solution. Security doors are amplified to the door frames on the outside of any ordinary exterior doors. It is just like adding a standard storm door or screen door.


Though, home security door installation isn’t an amateur’s job. No one wants to compromise the privacy and security of your house. Rather, you need to hire experts for the installation of your security doors. 


However, if you’ve had knowledge and experience with DIY home projects. you could induct the doors by yourself. You only need to have the appropriate tools and an understanding of what you need to do. Keep reading if you are looking for security door installation tips.

Pick Doors Suitable To Your Climate

Almost all doors can function in every climate. There are, though, some types of doors that may weaken sooner than others. Wood is an amazing material for doors. Also, it functions nicely in northern climates. Yet, it isn’t the ideal option for everyone. Fiberglass and steel security doors tend to work better than wood in southern climates, for example in New York.

Try to look for the door styles that match the look of your house. Also, go for those doors that have extremely secure door frames. Moreover, a good-looking and appropriately installed door will increase your house value. The hardware you’ll require to attach includes: 

  • Door handles.
  • Hinges.
  • And locks. 

Attaching these before time will make the door installation procedure smoother and faster. Additionally, It is best to consult any professional before you make any major decisions while installing a security screen door.

Read The Instructions

This tip is quite significant, and you can’t miss it if you’re DIYing your door installation. Keep in mind to go through the manufacturer’s guide fully before you start the installation. It is a good idea to remove all the bolts and screws. Then, divide them as per their type to recognize where they will fit into the door.

Remove The Old Door

Take out your old door carefully so you don’t harm the blockwork where you will fix the new door. Do not wrench out the screws, just unscrew it gently.  

Attach Hardware Of The Door Before The Installation Of The New Door

If you go with the simple door option, you’ll have to connect the hardware. You better do this before you remove the old door or cut off a new doorway. You may also require to paint or stain the door before you add any hardware.

Install The Actual Security Door

You can only put in the actual door after the hinges, handles and locks are all secure. It’s a somewhat simple task. You just require drilling every hole to their related hinges, beginning from the bottom down. The only obstacle is that the door is heavy, therefore, you might need some physical help while putting it up.

Also, assure that you have drilled all the holes into their hinges appropriately by swinging the door multiple times. If the door is swinging evenly and smoothly, you’ll know you’ve done a nice job.


Inducting a security screen door properly is important to the effectiveness of its security. Though, it can be frustrating and time-consuming. But if you have the right equipment, the patience, and the workforce, then simply follow these tips for an accurate fit. Also, before you choose the door, search for the best security doors for homes in 2021 and get the best one.

Besides, if you are not even slightly sure about DIYing the task. Reach out to the best professional to do the task. You can search them by typing on the search bar ‘best security installation near me’ and choose any from the results.


1: How Do Security Doors Work?

A security door is constructed and designed to not let anyone from getting into your home through the main door. The grille and the security door locks are solid enough. Therefore, it can not be kicked in, and the hinges must be inaccessible or hidden. Also, these hinges need to be securely attached to the frame so they can not be forced out.

2. How To Measure For A Security Door?

Step 1: Measure Width Of Door:

You need to measure three areas inside the door frame. That are:

  • Top.
  • Middle.
  • Bottom. 

The widest measurement deduces the width of the door. Use a measuring tape to know the width of these areas of the door frame. 

Step 2: Measure The Height Of The Door:

Measure the inside of every vertical side of the door frame. The length that is the longest will tell you the height that is needed. Keep in mind to make allowance for any floor covering. Take a measuring tape to know the height of the door frame. 

Step 3: Measure The Thickness Of The Door

If you are going to buy replacement doors and to have the same frames. You will require to copy the door thickness. Therefore, be sure to take this measurement too. For this too, take a measuring tape to measure the thickness of your old door.

3. How Much Does It Cost To Install A Security Door?

Professional installation and material expenses range from around $181 to $587, with a national standard cost of $369. Furthermore, it also depends on the type of materials and size.