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Key Facts:

  • Where Are Fire Doors Required?​
  • How Are Fire Doors Made?
  • ​How Do Fire Doors Work?
  • Fire Door Performance?
  • Can Fire Doors Be Painted?
  • Can Fire Doors Be Left Open?

In today’s 21st century, fire safety is a legal requirement and plays an essential role in building design. After all, Fire doors are important to slow the spread of fire, so caution is required when purchasing and installing fire doors. Let’s look at interesting facts you may not have known yet.

Where Are Fire Doors Required?

It may seem obvious, but it is a good idea to install fire doors where there is a risk of fire! Of course, some environments have a higher fire risk than others, such as kitchens, living rooms with fireplaces, or rooms with electrical equipment or appliances. Wherever a fire might break out, you should use a fire door.

Local councils issue building permits and are responsible for enforcing building regulations through building control officers. The architect has specified the project as the best first point of contact, regarding fire door requirements and regulations. For added security, it is recommended to install a 60-minute fire door or fd60 door that provides additional security, and the Cost to install fire door is also effective.

How are fire doors made?

Fire doors are usually thicker than standard doors and most have a durable core made of a variety of materials. Specially constructed fire doors can last 4 hours or more. The design of fire doors depends on the manufacturer. The FD60 (60 min) frameless glass fire doors commonly used in commercial environments are typically 54 mm thick.

Most importantly, they are tested and certified to withstand fire for at least 30 minutes. Most fire doors have a solid core structure, which can include particleboard, flax board, magnetic board, and solid wood.

Upon approval of fire door certification, each fire door kit manufactured by this manufacturer to the same design specifications will be labeled. In some cases, plywood, veneer, or MDF are glued to the core without a frame or edging. No application method is preferred if the desired fire resistance is achieved.

How do fire doors work?​

Fire doors must be equipped with approved puffy strips critical to achieving fire door ratings. They are made of materials that can withstand fire, depending on the grade of the fire door. The expansion strip expands under the influence of heat and closes the gap between the door edge and the frame. May this fact will help you in deciding Do I need fire doors in my home?

Fire doors have intumescent stripes in the grooves at each corner of the door or fire door frame. The material from which the door frame is made and cross-sectional dimensions must meet the required standards. Fire doors must be closed in the event of a fire to operate, so you should always check the fire doors for automatic door closers and markings to identify them as fire doors.

In addition, the necessary equipment (hardware) must also have a test certificate confirming its suitability for its intended purpose.

Fire Door Performance?

All frameless glass fire doors MUST be able to provide evidence of adequate performance verification per the class they declare and demonstrate. It has been tested for fire resistance of at least 30 minutes by an approved third-party organization under BS 476 Part 22 or European equivalent BS EN16341.

Can fire doors be painted?

Fire doors must be equipped with fire-resistant hinges, locks, and hardware, but do not require special painting. Fire doors can be painted with regular decorative paints or varnishes without affecting performance. Also, do not paint over hinges, fittings, or seals.

Fire doors must not compromise style and decoration. Choose from a wide range of glazing and finishes including natural wood veneers, Formica laminates, or paints.

Can fire doors be left open?

A fire door can only be left open if it has been legally opened, for example, a fire door striker or a free swing door closer. The fire door is equipped with a self-closing device, which closes and operates as intended in the event of a fire.

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