frameless glass shower door Brooklyn

Frameless shower glass doors provide a greater aesthetic appeal to your bathroom. These frameless doors offer more design options compared to the framed ones. They add sleekness, modernity, and beauty to your bathroom. Besides providing aesthetic appeal, they can also increase the value of your house. Thus proving to be a valuable investment for resale purposes as well. These shower door installations can make your bathroom appear more spacious and elegant. You can add more fixtures in your bathroom as well.

Despite having such an array of options regarding design and functionality a lot of people refrain from installing frameless doors. Sometimes, the reasons are commonly thought or spread myths about these frameless glass doors. Here in this article, you will know the truth about these frameless doors. So that you can enjoy the perks of having a frameless shower door installation without any irrational fear.

Frameless Glass Doors Are Durable

If you are concerned about the safety of your frameless doors, as you should be, here are some important things to know for you. Contrary to the common belief that frameless glass doors explode during a hot shower, they are quite sturdy and safe. These doors are a safer option than the framed ones. They are not designed with any material that can corrode and break off easily. These frameless doors are made of tempered glass which is a very sturdy and durable material.

In case a glass door does break off, the tempered glass treatment makes it break into tiny pieces to avoid any kind of injury. However, proper cleaning and maintenance can increase the durability of your glass doors.

Frameless Glass Doors Do Not Leak Water

This is a common myth that frameless glass shower doors leak water. However, this is not the case. You should keep certain things into consideration while installing a frameless glass door. You should take proper measurements of your door before designing it. A poorly installed shower door might leak water. To avoid this inconvenience you should pay extra attention to the design and right installation of your frameless doors. If your frameless shower door is properly installed there’s a minimal chance of water leakage.

Moreover, another thing to consider is the direction of the showerhead. Make sure that your shower head isn’t directly pointing at the seams of your glass door. Install your shower head in a way that its direction is away from the glass door. The correct position of your shower door can provide maximum waterproofing.

Frameless Glass Doors Are Easy To Clean

Glass doors provide a greater aesthetic appeal. Part of it involves their crisp and clean look. Usually, people get overwhelmed, thinking about cleaning the glass doors daily. However, it’s not that hard. You don’t have to use chemicals and wash them daily. After you’re done with your shower, you can run a quick squeegee on the doors. This will be enough for your daily cleaning.

Another great thing about frameless glass doors is that there are no extra hinges or materials that can collect water, soap, or scum thus reducing the chances of mold and mildew. This lack of frame makes shower doors easier to clean than the framed ones.

Frameless Glass Doors Are Not Too Expensive

Frameless doors are an affordable option for the beauty and functionality they can provide. Although they are a tad bit more expensive than the framed doors, frameless doors can return the value in their low maintenance costs. One thing you’ve to pay heed to is that your frameless door is installed properly. Because, if the installation is subpar it can increase the cost of repair and maintenance.

Usually, the price depends upon the size, design, and installation method of your glass doors. Their low maintenance can save money in the long run. One more benefit of having frameless glass doors is that it increases the resale value of your house. This makes it a valuable investment.

Frameless Glass Doors Are Not Maintenance Free

Frameless doors are made with a protective glass coating that makes them very low maintenance. However, they are not maintenance-free. You still have to perform certain cleaning and maintenance processes. You don’t have to run any extra treatment for the cleansing purpose but wiping the water after the shower can increase the lifespan of your glass doors. You can wipe the water with a squeegee and this will be enough for your day-to-day cleaning.

Wiping and cleaning your door after the shower means that there will be no buildup of soap or scum on your glass doors. This simple cleaning process can keep your frameless shower glass doors look sleek and new for years to come. 

As installing frameless glass doors is a valuable investment, regular maintenance can keep your investment safe.